Daiwik hotels the 'make in india' brand

We have actually taken care of to give birth and also shape to brand names like Sharekhan, 89 Cinemas and also now Continuum Power, which can compare with worldwide brand requirements and also the are hopeful that we will certainly have the ability to do the exact same with our resorts. Were you constantly crazy about doing your own organization and also was amusement your first choice?I have always wished to make a contribution to the society in whatever I do as an entrepreneur. Multiplexes have actually changed the flick seeing experience in India as well as have actually ended up being an integral component of city infrastructure. I am happy that I was able to add in my little way and also make a difference. Tell us something concerning Daiwik Hotels? Daiwik Hotels is an Indian residence grown brand name. The firm is promoted by a group of professionals who have actually been pioneers in various areas. We have actually a research study based content rich internet site and also social media sites platforms which teem with info’s about different religions, rituals and also their significance etc.

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