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3 Star Hotels / Resorts in Nainital

Hotels in Nainital

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You are looking one stop solution to all your tour & travels, hotels booking needs in Nainital. Whether you are looking for Best Hotels in Nainital, Budget Hotels in Nainital, Deluxe Hotels in Nainital or Luxury Hotels in Nainital and other travels services. Suniti Tour & Travels offers you just everything. If you are planning a sightseeing tour to Nainital, Kumoan, Himalaya's you can easily book your Holiday here. Book Online Nainital Hotels - Nainital Budget Hotels, Nainital Deluxe Hotels, Nainital Heritage Hotels, Nainital Luxury Hotels.

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 offers a wide variety of Hotels, Resorts, Homestay, Guest house, Camps, Cottages for accommodation in Nainital (Uttarakhand). Many hotels offers special tour packages which covers nearby tourist places with exclusive Corporate Events, School Tour, Wildlife Safari, Culture Tour, Family Tour, Weekend Break, Adventure Activities, Boating, Rope way as well in Nainital you have choose the hotels as per their good location near Mall Road, close to city market, nearby bus stand, away from the crowd in a peaceful and best healthy location.

Given below is a list of all hotels in Nainital and you can select any hotels in Nainital which you would like to stay at :

Following are the Nainital Hotels and resorts as per different locations in Nainital
Hotels & Resorts in Mall Road in Nainital: 

  • Classic The Mall, Nainital
  • Hotel Ankur Plaza Deluxe, Nainital
  • Hotel Krishna, Nainital
  • Hotel Palace Nainital, Nainital
  • Hotel Pratap Regency, Nainital
  • Hotel Elphinstone, Nainital
  • Hotel Everest, Nainital
  • Evelyn Hotel, Nainital
  • Hotel India, Nainital
  • Hotel Sheela, Nainital
  • Hotel Natraj, Nainital
  • Hotel Ambassador, Nainital
  • Hotel Mouchak, Nainital
  •  Country Inn, Nainital
  • Hotel Happy Home, Nainital
  • Hotel Jagati, Nainital
  • Hotel Siddhartha, Nainital
  •  Mapple Hermitage, Nainital
  •  Dynasty Resorts, Nainital
  • Alka The Lake Side Hotel, Nainital
  • Grand hotel, Nainital
  • Hotel Alka Annexe, Nainital
  • Hotel Kay Kays, Nainital
  • Hotel Abhiruchi, Nainital
  • Hotel Prince, Nainital
  • India Hotel, Nainital
  • Hotel Oak shade, Nainital
  • Hotel Shivraj, Nainital
  • Hotel Shalimar, Nainital
  • Hotel Central, Nainital
  • Hotel Channi Raja, Nainital

Hotels & Resorts in Mallital, Nainital

  • Chevron Fairhavens, Nainital
  • Hotel Regency Shyam Sunder, Nainital
  • Langdale Manor, Nainital
  • The Manu Maharani, Nainital
  • Royal Hotel, Nainital
  • Hotel New Pavilion, Nainital
  • Hotel Arif Castles, Nainital
  • Vikram Vintage Inn, Nainital
  • Hotel Aroma, Nainital
  • Palace Belvedere, Nainital
  • Swiss Hotel, Nainital
  • The Earl's Court, Nainital
  • Balrampur House, Nainital
  • Himalayan Heights, Nainital
  • Standard hotel, Nainital
  • Alps hotel, Nainital
  • Blue Star hotel, Nainital
  • Lalit Guest house, Nainital
  • Hotel Metropole, Nainital
  • Hotel Moon, Nainital
  • KMVN Sukhatal, Nainital
  • The Corner, Nainital
  • Strawberry Hall, Nainital
  • Hotel Arif Castles, Nainital
  • Vikram Vintage Inn, Nainital
  • Naini Retreat, Nainital
  • Swiss Hotel, Nainital
  • Hotel City Heart, Nainital
  • Lake & Wood Hotel, Nainital

Hotels & Resorts in Tallital Nainital

  • Balrampur House, Nainital
  • Hotel Vansh Regency, Nainital
  • Bhikampur Lodge, Nainital
  • Hotel Hill View, Nainital
  • Hotel Himalaya, Nainital
  • Hotel New Bharat, Nainital
  • Hotel Welcome Park, Nainital
  • Hotel Kurmanchal, Nainital
  • Hotel Prim Rose, Nainital
  • Hotel Green Leaf, Nainital
  • Himalayan View Retreat, Nainital
  • Hotel Prashant, Nainital
  • Radha Continental, Nainital
  • Hotel Mansarovar, Nainital
  • Hotel Merino, Nainital
  • Hotel Gauri Niwas, Nainital
  • KMVN Tallital, Nainital
  • New Payal hotel, Nainital
  • Hotel Clarks Inn, Nainital
  • Hotel Samrat, Nainital
  • Army Guest house, Nainital

Hotels & Resorts on Zoo Road Nainital

  • Hotel Maharaja, Nainital
  • Hotel Vikrant, Nainital
  • Hotel Anamika, Nainital
  • Hotel Parwati Homes, Nainital
  • Hotel Paryatak, Nainital
  • Hotel New Bharat, Nainital
  • Hotel Welcome Park, Nainital
  • Kohli Hotel, Nainital
  • Kurmanchal Hotel, Nainital
  • Hotel Aroma, Nainital
  • Hotel Prime Rose, Nainital

Hotels & Resorts in Upper Mall Nainital

  • Hotel Silverton, Nainital
  • Hotel Hill view, Nainital

Hotels & Resorts at peaceful secluded location in Nainital

  • Chevron Hotel Fairhavens, Nainital
  • Hotel Abbotsford, Nainital
  • Snow View KMVN Guest House, Nainital
  • Palace Resort, Nainital
  • Alpine club Resort, Nainital
  • Mount n Mist, Nainital
  • The Hive, Nainital
  • Shervani Hilltop, Nainital
  • Jungle Lore Birding Hotel Resort, Nainital
  • Hotel Regency Shyam Sunder, Nainital
  • Traveller's Paradise, Nainital
  • KMVN Sukhatal, Nainital
  • Hotel Resort in Aryapatta, Nainital
  • Alpine Club, Nainital
  • Emiily Lodge, Nainital
  • The Manor, Nainital
  • Royal hotel, Nainital
  • Hotel Hill View Inn, Nainital
  • Suman Paradise, Nainital
  • Hotel Ankur Plaza, Nainital
  • Hotel langdale Manor, Nainital

Restaurant in Mall Road, Nainital

  • Embassy Restaurant, Nainital
  • Nanak Restaurant, Nainital
  • Saraswati Pure Vegetarian Restaurant, Nainital
  • Shiva Resturant, Nainital
  • Lucknow Resturant,Nainital
  • Bengal hotel, Nainital
  • Domino's Pizza, Nainital
  • Machan Resturant, Nainital
  • Cafe Coffee day, Nainital
  • Chandani Chowk, Nainital
  • Sher-e-Punjab, Nainital
  • Shan-e-Punjab, Nainital

Bakery in Nainital

  • Bakery, Nainital
  • Mamu's Bakery, Nainital
  • Jagdish Bakery, Nainital
  • Brownies, Nainital
  • Sakley's Restaurant & Pastry shop, Nainital

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