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Ayurveda is the ancient scientific research of life. Pioneered by distinguished sages – Susrutha, Charaka and also Vagbhata, ayurveda encompasses a globe sight that is eco-friendly as well as eco-centric in spirit. The programs include restoration therapy, different medical packages and also appeal treatment which makes a sea-change in the way you feel and look. Le Pondy’s ayurvedic centre has established an ayurvedic menu to match your preference along with your digestive system special. Le Pondy comes from Joys Resorts as well as Hotels, a multi domain empire headed by Shri. Chacko Paul. Its vast array of treatments is specially chosen to support body along with mind to highlight the inner significance of wellness. Le Pondy’s Health facility facility offers a time evaluated dish to well being in tandem with the spirit of vacation as well as leisure.

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